Saturday, October 13, 2007

California tunnel truck fire can add to PTSD

Fire Shuts Down California Freeway
Posted: 2007-10-13 16:31:39
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SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (Oct. 13) - A 15-truck pile-up on a rain-slicked Southern California freeway left 10 people injured and at least one missing, sent flames shooting out of a tunnel and blocked a key link between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If you go onto the link, you can see a video report from AP. I posted this so that you can see what the troops see in Iraq when a bomb goes off. This happened in California, which is home to the largest veteran's population in the nation. It can and will, set off PTSD above normal. Please watch your veteran more closely to see if they need help. Not just the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, but all combat veterans. There is a thing called a "secondary stressor" which can send mild PTSD or even dormant PTSD into overdrive.