Saturday, August 30, 2008

Georgia War Veterans Home is closing shutting out 82 veterans

Maybe since they say "support the troops" often enough they can forget about the veterans. After all, the budget demands cuts and they can't expect the federal government to do their job and take care of the veterans who served the entire nation. Well, you really can't considering who is running the federal government right now.

State budget cuts force veterans from home
By Travis Fain -

Eighty-two veterans will need a new place to live soon because a Georgia War Veterans Home facility in Milledgeville is scheduled to close because of state budget cuts.

Other portions of the Wheeler Building will remain open, but veterans in the assisted living unit got letters Friday saying they'll need to move within 90 days. The quarters will close Nov. 30, according to a news release from the Georgia Department of Veterans Service, and staff members are trying to help veterans find new places to live and to make sure they get all the federal benefits they're entitled to.

Some may qualify for other government housing programs, or for a higher level of care at the facility's nursing home, said Dan Holtz, director of health contracting and facilities for the Georgia Department of Veterans Service. But many of the affected veterans will probably have to find their own place or move in with family, Holtz said.

The domiciliary care area slated to close in the Wheeler Building was the only state-run facility of its kind, Holtz said. Veterans live there for free in a retirement-home-type facility, which offers less care and supervision than the full-blown nursing home services the Milledgeville home also offers. It costs the state about $2.7 million a year to operate, though federal funds pushed the total budget to about $4 million a year, Holtz said.

The cuts are part of nearly across-the-board cuts to the state budget, in response to a predicted $1.6 billion difference this year between expected revenues and budgeted spending approved by the General Assembly and Gov. Sonny Perdue this year. Perdue has asked agencies to prepare plans for potential 6 percent, 8 percent and 10 percent cuts in the wake of lower-than-hoped for revenue collections.
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  1. Michelle HickersonAugust 30, 2008 at 9:09 PM

    My dad is one of the 82 veterans who received their EVICTION notice yesterday. I have met many of the residents of the Wheeler building. These men are proud of our country. They served our country. They would have died for our country. They would have died for you and they would have died for me. Let me tell you a little about the Wheeler building - These men are issued a room that is smaller than a dorm room (bathroom is shared and down the hall). These men only have what they can fit into that tiny room. Which, is usually a twin size bed, one chair, a chest of drawers and a TV that sits on top of the chest of drawers. I am NOT exagerating! WHERE ARE THESE MEN GOING TO GET FURNISHINGS FOR ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE? Where are they all going to get 1. Homes, 2. Furniture 3.Cookware and Dishes 4. and all of the other basic neccesities to live on their own? HOW are they going to afford this? How are they going make it on their own? They have been provided meals, nurses, medicine. Which they deserve. They haven't had to deal with paying the bills on an apartment, the electric, the water, groceries and medicine in a long time. They haven't had to GO to the doctors, they get medical treatment on the grounds. This will totally change their lives. PLUS, at the Wheeler building, they have FRIENDS who live there. People who have been through the same things they have. I have seen them helping each other when one has a problem. They are a family in that building and in order to save MONEY, Georgia has decided to evict some of our heros from the only life they have known for several years? Is this how we treat those who served our country? HELLOOOO - what is wrong with this picture???? IF Georgia needs to save money, why not take an extra penny from the lottery to pay for the veterans? How about cutting out some of the lawmakers expense reimbursement? Maybe all executive employees could have a cap on "business dinners" of twenty dollars per person? How much would that save a year? Why not FIGURE OUT A WAY to take care of those who fight and fought for our freedom??? And you are only going to give them 90 days? NOVEMBER 30th - a month before Christmas - I THINK THAT STINKS!!! These men, these heros, these veterans are being kicked out of the only home they know. They are being forced to leave their "family" and they have NOTHING to start over with. I am disgusted! To all of the people who thought of, discussed and passed this eviction, I pray that you, your father, your brother or your son is never treated like you are treating these heros. And to all of the Veterans in the Wheeler Building - NOT EVERYONE THINKS THE WAY THE LAWMAKERS THINK. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!! IF I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH THE DECISION TO EVICT THESE HEROS, MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!!!! MAKE YOUR VOICE LOUD and MAKE IT NOW!!!!

  2. Most of the people in this country are shocked when they find out how bad we are at really taking care of our veterans. The thing is, even people who work for the VA are not aware of how huge the problem is with our veterans. The new veterans, they get attention, as little as that is, but the older veterans are forgotten about. It's not just a shame, it's a sin! People have got to start paying attention to all of this.

  3. I am so sorry that your loved ones need to find another place to live.
    I wish the home could be turned over and most of the staff fall out. My experiance with them was terrible. I am happy to see the place close!!! My father was there for a year and they almost killed him!!! Most of the staff is stupid.Or they just don't care.
    I feel for the people who have to be there. They are not treated with respect or dignity. My father was abused. I talked to the veterans that are there. No one helps them. Most people hate it there. They will tell you how they are treated. If you care about your family member be glad to get them out of that place. I went every other weekend. I saw a lot of things going on and reported them. I complained quite a bit. I could have prosued them more, but my father was my main concern. I brought him home and cared for him and he lived another year. I am telling everyone I know to get their family out of that abuse center. Go there and stay awhile and watch what happens. I hope all veterans can find a good place to live.To me anything is better then that place.

  4. My father, Nichlas Andrew Pollack, was one of the founders of this organization. It pains me to think that these people who gave so selflessly to their country are now being displaced because of the economy yet those who come into this country illegally are offered everything for free. My father would be devistated. Thank you to all how have worked along side my father in giving to those who gave us the freedom to post in this blog. Barbara Ann Pollack


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