Thursday, January 29, 2009

Suicides up again last year according to the Army

Do you really need more to know what the Army/DOD is doing has not worked and will not work? Suicides keep going up. If their programs worked they would be going down instead of up. While they cannot prevent PTSD, they can, should and must prevent them from committing suicide. BattleMind has done more harm than good and they need to stop using it. It's not better than nothing. There is no excuse for not taking action on this. The Army can figure out how to kill. It's about time they figured out how to save lives as well.

Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high
The Associated Press
By PAULINE JELINEK – 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense officials say suicide among U.S. soldiers increased again last year and is at a nearly three-decade high.

The Army plans to announce figures later Thursday, but senior officials told The Associated Press that at least 128 soldiers killed themselves last link for more

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