Monday, June 29, 2009

Is this the minute that changed Michael Jackson's life?

I didn't want to jump on the death of Michael Jackson. There is certainly enough coverage of him all around the world. There is one question that is not being asked. Did Michael Jackson have PTSD?

Michael Jackson was filming a commercial for Pepsi when his hair caught on fire. He fell down the stairs after. Reports on line claim this is when he began to use pain killers.

1984: Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad
Michael Jackson has received hospital treatment for serious burns to his head after his hair caught light during a freak filming accident.
The 25-year-old entertainer was singing his hit "Billie Jean" for a Pepsi Cola commercial in Los Angeles when the special effects went wrong.
Three thousand fans saw a firework display erupt behind the superstar, showering him in sparks and setting light to his hair.
Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad
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Jackson seems to have changed soon after this. Is this the minute that changed Michael Jackson's life?

Traumatic events can change anyone's life. The trick is getting the right help but back then, PTSD was not being talked about. To this day, there are many psychologists and psychiatrists unaware of what trauma can do to people. They misdiagnose PTSD all the time because it can appear to be so many different things if they are not looking at trauma.

Hallucinations can be looked at instead of flashbacks.
Paranoia can be looked at instead of what comes with PTSD along with OCD. The list goes on. When you read the events of this person's life, you can see many of the classic signs of PTSD. Irrational behavior, recklessly spending habits followed by reports of heavy medication.

We watched him change physically and the way he was acting but we also saw changes in his music. Thriller, Bad and We Are The World, all came out in the 80's.
We Are the World

PTSD can be mild for many years. On medication, it is possible that symptoms of PTSD could have been masked. What could have sent it, again, if he had PTSD, would be another stressful event in his life.

By 1993 he didn't look the same.

1993: Jackson accused of child abuse
Police in Los Angeles are investigating allegations of child abuse made against singer Michael Jackson.
The spokesman for the star says the allegations are a plot to discredit singer.

Jackson 1984

Jackson 1988

Jackson 1994

With all the coverage of Michael Jackson and all the hours talking about him on the news, wouldn't it be a good idea if someone asked this question?