Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nam Guardian Angel multi-media PTSD educational source

Nam Guardian Angel multi-media PTSD educational source
Website with videos to provide education and support for veterans and their families living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Developed from over 25 years of research and personal experience as well as working with veterans.

Free self-published book For the Love of Jack, His War My Battle, about life with my husband, a Vietnam Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This book offers first hand knowledge about PTSD from the veteran’s point of view and the affects on the family. It also offers coping skills and the tools to alleviate escalation of turmoil.

This reduces domestic violence, divorce, adverse affects on children, homelessness, secondary PTSD, reduces stigma of PTSD, raises awareness of symptoms, explains the difference between self-medicating and addictions, above all, puts it all into plain simple English.

Power Points that can be used by educators taken from two videos.
Wounded Minds, Veterans and PTSD walks the viewer from start to finish of PTSD with all the life altering damages unaddressed PTSD can cause.
Death Because They Served, shines a spotlight on suicides taken from news reports on verified suicides so these deaths are not forgotten. There are over 100 of them on this Power Point.

Wounded Times Blog
Blog with news taken from online news reports from across the country and internationally focused on
Police officers
Traumatic events
Editorials composed as issues arise backed by extensive research and over 17,000 posts online with two blogs.
Nam Guardian Angel’s videos are also available on this site.
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Links to Veterans Centers

Nam Guardian Angel is a multi media resource providing education and support for veterans and their families living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Because of my work with veterans, police officers, firefighters and emergency responders have sought out my assistance.

I have been on the front lines of PTSD since 1982, created educational support videos before anyone else was doing them. These videos are used all over the country by therapists, service organizations and people with a hunger to learn more about PTSD.

The following are some of the emails I received on the videos

We were posting today on aol. this morning. I would like to thank you for your support for the vet's that were in country. I spent 28 day's in the VA hospital in Menlo Park Ca. for PTSD. Our views my differ in some things but your support for us speaks volumes. I salute you! If only there were a few more like yourself what a great world this would be.Have a real good day.
deleted for confidentiality

Cam Ranh Bay Air Base
South Vietnam

I work as a psychologist at the faculty of psychology of the Erasmus
University Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

On the internet I stumbled upon your video about PTSD. I would like to
ask your permission to use this video on our website for strictly
educational purposes.

Kind regards,
deleted for confidentiality
University Rotterdam
Institute of Psychology

Thanks for your presentation on PTSD. This is an issue of interest to me as my father served in Vietnam, and I have two sons who are Marines... one of whom is getting ready to return to Iraq.

This is excellent and well-needed information... thank you for your work to help others not have to go thru what you & your husband have.
deleted for confidentiality

Katherine ~ I saw your PTSD presentation online and want to share it with our Sailors returning from Iraq/Afghanistan. Thanks for providing this much needed information,

deleted for confidentiality

Beautiful work in your video presentation. I’ve been looking for songs to introduce physicians to the impact of post traumatic stress disorder. I may use some of you work if you grant permission.
(deleted for confidentiality) Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful video this is. I emailed (deleted for confidentiality) to find out how to get a copy and she sent back the message you sent her. I really want to thank you for doing this, it helps all with PTSD, from WWII to Iraq War. I have quite a few women and men here in Maryland that will really appreciate this video.
Thank you again!
(deleted for confidentiality)
National Commander

God Bless You for your work. I just found your site and watched the first video. I’ll be back for more, as I need more.
Warm Regards and Thank You,
(deleted for confidentiality) (with the Love and Help of my wife of 10 years) a recovering PTSD guy
Class of ‘67


Hi - I am a nursing student at a southern university. I am to give a presentation on PTSD, fitting really since I've had the disorder! I came across your video while I was researching films/video clips/images to use in my powerpoint presentation. I liked your 4 or so minute video regarding PTSD. You started out with images from 9/11 and moved to thing such as domestic violence and other tragedies not just here, but wordlwide. Is it possible to get a copy of the video to incorporate into my presentation? Your vid said free use for all but I need to download it.

Thank you!

My name is (deleted for confidentiality) , a Vietnam Veteran, and manager of a web group called (deleted for confidentiality) .

I recently viewed your google video and it was so very informative, and I have posted a link to it on my group message board for all to watch.

The resolution is a little less than desirable in certain frames, and I would like to get yoru permission to copy each frame and send it to my members for them to use in their ongoing help for our Brothers.

We are very much intune to the problems of our returning veterans from Iraq and Aftanistan, and your information would be a big help in us helping them and their family members.

Thank you for all you are doing,

I just saw your touching video on youtube. WOW does that hit a spot.
We seem to both be advocates for those suffering from PTSD. I would like to place your video on the web site for a group I am Lt Commander of. (deleted for confidentiality)
I know you have given permission for the vedio to be used the problem is I cannot get a good file of the flash swf. can you send one to me at this address? I would greatly appreciate it.


I am the clinical director of the (deleted for confidentiality) for Homeless Veterans in (deleted for confidentiality) . I am a veteran of Vietnam where I served as a hospital corpsman with a Marine Corps rifle platoon in 1968 - 2nd Batt. 1st Marines.

I would like a copy of you video to use in our program. It is a beautiful, powerful piece of work.

I am an Australian Veteran still serving in the Royal Australian Navy. I have watched both your movies on the net and have had some uncany resemblence to my life within the details you have posted.,,,,,, I see that you have offered a free copy of your book to those who write to you. I would be very interested in reading it and hope it may help me and my problems.

Thankyou for your support of us VETERANS and I await your reply and look forward to reading your book.

Recent emails
8-18-09 (sent from a phone)
your videos have been received quite well by
all who i've shown them to. i haven't got any formal feedback, but the
stunned silence, transfixed faces, and teary eyes tell me a lot.

i think it's especially meaningful that i'm able to show them to groups
of young people who will be tomorrow's leaders. i think many of them are
unaware of the unseen emotional ravages of war and the sacrifice and
burden borne by the troops. i will have another class of 60 students
this fall, and will show one or two of your videos. i have no doubt that
it will change the way some of them look at and think about veterans and

I am trying to get my son in law who is the Firechief in (deleted for confidentiality) to look at this great video. I viewed it myself and as a social worker found it very helpful and inspiring. Symptoms of PTSD were well explained and you made it clear that such symptoms were caused by trauma , not craziness or punishment from God. The photos were outstanding and not something we see on everyday TV. Thank you Chaplain Kathie! I hope that you can get someone to help you with the videos so that you can get some time for your family and yourself. I will share this video with other social workers at our community health center. Thank you again.(deleted for confidentiality) MSW, LICSW

Great work, NamGuardianAngel, on the PTSD videos. I'm a mental health provider working with those who have PTSD. Great Work.

There are many more emails on the videos as well as the self-published book. I have more than enough proof that what I’m doing is reaching veterans and their families from all generations and giving them what they need to know from someone who has been where they are. That is my mission. To provide the education I gained by reading clinical books and news reports for over half my life, living with my own veteran and talking to these other veterans since 1982.

There are now over 25 videos on Great Americans and my website.

What I need is financial support to keep this work going. I need help with publicizing what my work and more exposure online.

I want to take these videos to service groups and provide educational presentations, which means more travel. I need a new car and have the travel expenses covered by donations. I also need a new video camera along with a computer with higher memory and more powerful operating system.

Since I carry my own insurance and license (which is very expensive), I also need help with covering the cost of training so that I can continue to learn the latest programs to address responding to traumatic events so that less people develop PTSD, and those who do, know what to watch out for so they get help as soon as possible.

Since I spend an average of 70 hours a week online doing this, I need help with what I am really no good at. Promoting my work, which I'm the type of person that would rather promote the work of others, and especially fund raising. I've been in financial trouble for a long time now and have been torn between looking for work again in the business world and doing what I do for our veterans. Yesterday I went to a job fair in Orlando, attempting to find a job. I can't even do that right. I worked my way through the crowds of job seekers and ended up talking to military recruiters and law enforcement people about PTSD and the work I do, instead of spending time looking for a paying job.

All I keep thinking about is if I go back to work, which veteran or family do I not help? Who do I say no to? What videos do I get the idea to make and not make because there isn't enough time in the day? What service group do I not talk to and help with the work they are trying to do? So I'm leaving this in God's hands. If He really called me to do this work the way I believe He did, then He will touch your hearts so that you help me continue this work.

The other way you can help is to join me at Brave-Aid, Warrior Support.
This is a member supported site and will cost you $20.00 per month and is tax deductible. Your membership supports veterans in need. It also supports me if you come in under my link-in. What this also does is allows you to get others to join and you get some of their membership fee, plus they help veterans. What can be better than that? You get to deduct your membership fee and you can make some money at the same time you are helping veterans.

If you are reading this blog then you love veterans as much as I do so bring in your friends into Brave-aid and let's get this group funded faster so they help more veterans quicker. We know what their problems are and we know it will take an army to get them the help they're waiting for.

The other problem is that for all the time I take trying to find a way to pay my bills, there are veterans waiting for help. Right now there are ten more emails I need to get through, but had to put together this so that my family does not keep having to suffer financially for what I do. I would much rather be working on the emails, the websites and videos than doing this. I really hate this part because I am just not good at it at all.