Monday, May 2, 2011

Combat Stress as 'Moral Injury' Offends Marines

When will they ever learn? If it was a "moral injury" then why would survivors of other traumatic events suffer? Yes, moral issues do factor into PTSD but when you have so many believing in what they are doing, telling them it is a moral injury is way off base.

Combat Stress as 'Moral Injury' Offends Marines
April 29, 2011
Stars and Stripes|by Megan McCloskey
SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- The new buzzwords in the mental health community for types of combat stress are "moral injury" -- and some Marines don't really care for the label.

On the third day of the Navy and Marine Corps' annual conference on combat and operational stress control, moral injury was the guiding topic. One Marine commander roped into a panel discussion at the last minute bluntly took issue with the phrase: "As a Marine, I'm insulted."

Lt. Col. James "Hall" Bain, commander of 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion, said he thought the term implied that Marines were stressed as a result of immorality.
Combat Stress as 'Moral Injury' Offends Marines

Military PTSD is a whole different type of wound than regular people suffer from. The closest thing to military PTSD is the type that strikes law enforcement. Why? Because of the number of times they are exposed to traumatic events and the fact they are not just survivors, but part of the trauma itself. Some will and do question the moral justification of what they had to do but that is part of just being human. All humans with any kind of a conscience question themselves but not all humans develop PTSD. Trying to box in PTSD with a "moral injury" tells them they suffer because they did something wrong and that's the end of the story. I am not surprised they feel insulted. It is almost as if the speakers did a fraction of the homework they should have done on this before they addressed the Marines.

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