Thursday, February 23, 2012

Employers worried about hiring veterans with PTSD needlessly

Why are employers so worried about hiring veterans? It seems as if it is because of PTSD more than anything else on the surface but after all these years, they should know better.

If they are afraid because of news reports centered on a veteran with PTSD, then they need to know that there have been over 2 million men and women deployed into Iraq and Afghanistan yet the news reports do not reflect such a huge number. Why? Simple. They are the least likely to commit a crime, do any harm, or cause any trouble. Yep! That's the truth.

While I track reports across the country it is easy to see the growing number of veterans in trouble but because I track these reports I know they are more attributed to the increase number of veterans than anything else. PTSD is nothing to be afraid of. I would be more afraid of hiring someone off the streets knowing absolutely nothing about them than hiring a veteran I know cared enough to risk his/her own life for the sake of someone else. I would be more afraid of hiring someone out for themselves than hiring a veteran unafraid of long hours, working hard and able to be part of a team.

Face it! After almost 30 years of living with my own PTSD veteran husband, I'd hire someone like him in a heartbeat!

Veterans job fair in Tampa draws hundreds
6:10 PM, Feb 23, 2012
Written by
Eric Glasser
Tampa, Fla. -- You might think leadership, and problem-solving skills would make our military veterans some of the most sought-after workers in the nation.

Instead, young people returning from duty have one of the highest unemployment rates out there.

Following two tours of duty, one in Afghanistan, another in Kosovo, CuRay Walker is looking for a job. Despite his training and skill-set, it's been rough going.

Veterans in Walkers age group face an unemployment rate more than twice the national average.

"It's very difficult," said Walker. "I actually started looking for jobs back in July - trying to find something and nothing has panned out so far."

At a Veterans Job Fair in Tampa today, there was some discussion about one potential reason for the disparity, which many don't like to acknowledge - or talk about.

A survey by the Society of Human Resources found 46 percent of employers worry that post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental issues would be a problem in the workplace. The actual number of occurrences, however, is only about 13 percent.
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