Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wounded combat medic's love story ended too soon

Wounded Warrior, Married in Mesquite, Dies
Posting Date: 01/31/2012

By John Taylor
Army medic Kevin Hardin died Jan. 22 of
injuries sustained in Iraq. He and his wife
Lillian received a storybook wedding a year ago
thanks to the Eureka and the Mesquite
community. Photo provided.
Slightly more than a year has passed since the storybook wedding in Mesquite of former Army medic Kevin Hardin to the woman who cared for him at Walter Reed Army Hospital after he was severely injured when a rocket propelled grenade slammed into his Humvee during combat operations in Samarra, Iraq in 2007.

Hardin spent two years in the hospital and was forced to undergo 32 surgeries and a lengthy, painful rehabilitation. During his recovery, Hardin met Lillian May who cared for him through the painful times. Over the course of two years Hardin was receiving medical treatments, the couple fell in love.

In August, 2009, Hardin proposed to May but the reality was he was severely injured including injuries to both arms, a fused wrist and loss of fingers. He also had several pieces of shrapnel in his brain which were inoperable. After being medically retired from the military, he was without a job.
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  1. Thank you for taking the time to honor this vet and read our heart warming story from the Mesquite Citizen Journal, Mesquite, Nevada.

    John Taylor

  2. There are so many stories out there that never get the coverage they deserve. That's why this blog is here. I don't know why all of a sudden this got so many hits considering it went up in February, but I am glad a lot of people got to read Hardin's story.
    Your site should be very proud of the way this story was told.

  3. I just saw his storybook wedding on #SYTTD and I was in tears... I saw real love & then to see that he paased away... OMG, Its been a year but my condolences to the family .

  4. I just saw that episode of "Say Yes to the Dress"... and cried my eyes out. Then I went up to my computer and found the YouTube memorial videos of him that his family and friends posted, and I cried some more. Such a great guy, such a great love, it's nearly unbearable. Sending love out to his wife and family and friends and comrades in arms... you have friends out here you've never met, and we support you and grieve with you.

  5. Thank you for letting me know. I was really confused on why so many were reading this story after all this time. It was read over 9,000 times this week alone. I am really glad about that since this story is so emotional.

  6. i have just watch the episode of say yes to the dress i thought thier story was they lived happily ever after until i saw the end memoriam.what a heartbreaking loss. he's in God's now.

  7. I just saw their episode of Say Yes to the Dress. They looked sincerely in love and it's much more than my brain could comprehend. It was perfect until the memoriam showed up and it broke my heart to know that he passed away so soon. My heart goes out for that Kevin and Lillian. He's in a better place now. They'll both be in my prayers. (Teary-eyed while typing)

  8. I found episodes of Say yes to Dress on dailymotion to share you girls !

    here is the channel to watch episodes ;

    Enjoy it :)

  9. Saw this story on "Say Yes To The Dress" as well, and was touched by how much they loved each other. So very, very sorry to read that Kevin passed away. My love and condolences to his wife and family. Eileen O'Connor.


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