Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fort Lewis Army private found stabbed in Washington

Army private found stabbed in Washington was stationed at troubled base, Fort Lewis
Young soldier and father of 3 found dead in Olympia apartment last week


Tuesday, March 13, 2012,

An Army soldier from the same Washington State base as the deranged sergeant accused of slaughtering villagers in Afghanistan was stabbed to death last week at an apartment in Olympia, authorities said.

The brutal slaying, in which one of the suspects said he stabbed the soldier so viciously that the blade broke off in the victim's body, was another black mark for Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the troubled facility outside Tacoma that has been plagued by violence and suicide.

The victim, Pvt. Nathaniel Ollis, 29, served in Afghanistan and in Sept. 2009 survived an IED attack on his Stryker vehicle that killed three of his friends, The Olympian newspaper reported.

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