Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Attorney arming veterans with benefits knowledge

Working on the First Coast: Attorney arming veterans with benefits knowledge
Many don't realize they can receive pay for health needs.
Posted: April 10, 2012

By Roger Bull

R. Kellen Bryant is a local attorney who has recently published a pamphlet about how to qualify for Veterans Administration Improved Pension and mistakes to avoid in the process.

You’re talking about VA Improved Pension. What’s that?

It’s a cash benefit paid to veterans who qualify to help offset the cost of high medical expenses that normally come with long-term care. It doesn’t have to be service-connected injuries, just long-term care. It’s as much as $1,703 for veterans and $1,094 for spouses [monthly].

And what’s long-term care? Is it just nursing homes, or does in-home care count?

Nursing homes, assisted living, but it can be in-home, too. Just as long as they need medical help. If the senior is living in her own apartment, but the daughter has to come in and help with the cooking or whatever.

Who qualifies for it? Do you have to have a minimum amount of service?

You have to have at least 90 days of consecutive service and one day of it during a war period: World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf. There are specific dates.
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