Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here's a _ _ _ _ing clue for you. Stop Resiliency Training!

Here's a _ _ _ _ing clue for you. Stop Resiliency Training! Undo the damage this program did and then maybe, just maybe they'll save some lives! Not interested in playing nice on this at all anymore. I am sure Christ will forgive me for saying WTF since I've been thinking that for the last four years! To my readers, please excuse me but I just popped my cork and can't take it anymore.

Sunday I was on my way home from church when my cell phone rang. It was a "wrong number" from someone looking for a shelter. He hung up but called right back and asked me if I was a Chaplain. I told him I was and then he asked me if I could help him.

He told me that he had done three tours, in and out of different programs here in Florida and about to become homeless again. He's 100% PTSD and physically disabled but still has not gotten what he needs to heal from where he was sent! And we're not supposed to have an issue with this? We're supposed to just keep taking in the you know what and pretending they're doing everything possible? They aren't! The refusal to end this massive failure called "Battlemind" turned into yet again another label of "resiliency" KEEPS THEM FROM GETTING HELP AND ENDS UP MAKING THEM BLAME THEMSELVES! When will the DOD and VA understand this?

US service members' suicide rates unacceptable, call for special approach
Dr. Dana Matthews
Posted July 3, 2012

PORT ST. LUCIE — American service members' suicides have increased to nearly one a day this year –- the fastest pace in the nation's decade of war.

The 154 suicides for troops in the first 155 days of the year far outdistance the U.S. forces killed in action in Afghanistan by 50 percent according to Pentagon statistics.

These numbers reflect a military burdened with wartime demands from Iraq and Afghanistan that have taken a much greater toll than foreseen a decade ago. The military also is struggling with increased sexual assaults, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other misbehavior.

Suicides seemed to have leveled off the preceding two years; consequently, this year's upswing has caught many officials off guard.

The reasons for the increase are not fully understood. Studies suggested combat exposure, post-traumatic stress, misuse of prescription medications and personal financial problems. Army data suggest soldiers with multiple combat tours are at greater risk of committing suicide.

Suicide totals have exceeded U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan in earlier periods, including for the full years 2008 and 2009.

The numbers are rising among the 1.4 million active-duty military personnel despite years of effort to encourage troops to seek help with mental health problems. Many in the military believe that going for help is seen as a sign of weakness and thus a potential threat to advancement.
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