Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan pick is against veterans

UPDATE From Vote Vets
GOP Budget Doesn't Even Say the Word "Veteran"
How bad is Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Paul Ryan for Veterans?

His budget slashes care for veterans, but doesn't even use the word "veteran" once.

Below is the piece I wrote, written in March at Huffington Post, about Paul Ryan’s hostile view of veterans. Please help us share this blog post on all of your social networks, and forward to your friends and family.


Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran

GOP Budget Doesn't Even Say the Word "Veteran"

Yep, this guy
“While our veterans certainly deserve all the accolades Scott offers, they need proper benefits more, which our congressman is working to take away, based on his vote for the Ryan Budget.”

Deriving its name from its primary sponsor, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the bill contains substantial cuts in military benefits, some of which will leave 130,000 veterans without needed healthcare.

“The Ryan Budget is an insult to every American veteran. It’s 98 pages long and does not even contain the word ‘veteran.’ It contains over $11 billion in cuts that adversely affect our veterans, yet never mentions them by name.”

Romney just proved what he thinks about veterans. Hey, if they break the VA, then they can sell it off to private companies.

Mitt Romney Floats ‘Private Sector Competition’ For Vets’ Health Care System
By Emily Friedman
ABC News
Nov 11, 2011

MAULDIN, S.C. — Mitt Romney suggested on Friday that he was open to introducing “private sector competition” into the health care system U.S. military veterans receive.

At a campaign event in South Carolina, Romney raised the possibility of a voucher system.

“If you’re the government, they know there’s nowhere else you guys can go, you’re stuck,” Romney told a group of veterans at Mutt’s BBQ restaurant here. “Sometimes you wonder if there would be some way to introduce private sector competition, somebody else who could come in and say each solder has ‘X’ thousand dollars attributed to them and then they can choose where they want to go in the government system or the private system with the money that follows them.”

Romney added, “Like what happens with schools in Florida where people have a voucher that goes with him.”

Democrats immediately pounced on Romney’s remarks, blasting out information about Sen. John McCain’s plan to privatize the VA in 2008 and articles that suggested veteran’s at the time weren’t happy with the proposal. The Veterans of Foreign Wars weren’t pleased either: In a statement to the Talking Points Memo, VFW spokesman Jerry Newberry said, “The VFW doesn’t support privatization of veterans health care. This is an issue that seems to come around every election cycle.”
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Democrats think I am against President Obama because I complain so much about what our veterans are still going through. Republicans think I am against Republicans because I slam so many members of congress in that party. The truth is, I am pro-veteran and believe it is our responsibility to hold them all equally accountable for what they do FOR veterans or TO veterans. This is the reason why I am a registered Independent. I am against all politicians when they vote against veterans.