Monday, October 22, 2012

Disabled veteran kicked out of store with service dog

Adan Gallegos, Disabled War Veteran, Kicked Out Of Store For Service Dog
Posted: 10/31/2012

Disabled veteran kicked out of store, told to go occupy Wall Street
Published: 23 October, 2012

A disabled war veteran faced verbal abuse when he entered a mattress store in San Antonio. The vet was told to “go occupy Wall Street” and subsequently kicked out of the store because he brought his leashed service dog with him.

The 70 percent disabled veteran, Adan Gallegos, is now suing Billy Bob’s Beds in the San Antonio Federal Court. He claims civil rights violations and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Texas Human Resources Code, Courthouse News reports.

The complaint states that Gallegos entered the mattress store with a family member and his dog Bootz, who was leashed and well behaved. The dog was wearing an identifying service-dog vest and did not jump on any furniture.

The store president, William Gholson, allegedly kicked the man and his dog out of the store, claiming, “no one could make him do anything in his own building.”

Gallegos described the need for his service animal, but Gholson made him leave anyway.

“Store employees continued the harassment and ridicule after Mr. Gallegos left the building,” the complaint states. The store president called the police on the veteran, while employees followed him outside and told him to remove his Wounded Warrior clothing and “go occupy Wall Street.”
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