Friday, November 16, 2012

Senator Coburn has targeted troops and jobs for defense cuts too

Some of this I agree with, like the "Trekkies" money but what about the rest for the troops?
GOP senator outlines $68B in defense cuts
By Donna Cassata
The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday Nov 15, 2012

WASHINGTON — Defense spending could be slashed by $68 billion over 10 years if the military stopped spending millions on running grocery stores, operating its own schools and even developing a roll-up version of beef jerky, insists one of the Senate’s leading fiscal conservatives. In a new report, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn dubs the Pentagon the “Department of Everything.”

Coburn details how the Pentagon could save money — vital in a time of rampant federal deficits — if it eliminated duplicative and excessive programs that have nothing to do with the nation’s security. By turns sober and cheeky, the report points out that the Pentagon has spent more than $1 million on the 100-year Starship Project, including $100,000 for a workshop sure to attract Trekkies. One of the discussions was titled “Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?”

“Our nation’s $16 trillion debt is the new red menace, posing perhaps a greater threat to our nation than any military adversary,” the report says in chilling Cold War terms.

• Nonmilitary research, $6 billion.
• Education, $10.7 billion.
• Tuition assistance, $4.5 billion.
• Pentagon-run grocery stores, $9 billion.
• More than 300,000 military members performing civilian jobs and numerous general officers, $37 billion.
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