Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big news, the earth is not round and too many military suicides

Big news, the earth is not round and too many military suicides
by Kathie Costos
Wounded Times Blog
December 29, 2012

When people thought the world was flat and ships would fall off, it didn't change the fact that the earth was far from flat. Just because people didn't want to believe the truth it did not make what they thought any more true. Now we know the earth is not round. "OBLATE SPHEROID is not as easy to remember as "round," but it is the truth."

Just as ridiculous is what has been floating on the web about military suicides outnumbering combat deaths.

Soldier suicides outnumber combat deaths
In 2012, suicide rates worsened and 212 troops died in combat in Afghanistan
DEC 28, 2012

The number of soldier suicides this year has outnumbered combat deaths. Combat-related deaths in Afghanistan were down to 212 this year, compared to over 400 in 2011, but the number of soldiers taking their own lives continues to rise. According to stats cited by CBS from the Department of the Army, 303 active-duty, Reserve and National Guard soldiers committed suicide.

Here's some more facts. First this report is missing Marines, Air Force and Navy. This was the latest from the Army suicides at 303. There was another report from the Army with this piece of news.
For 2012, there have been 126 potential not on active-duty suicides (84 Army National Guard and 42 Army Reserve): 97 have been confirmed as suicides and 29 remain under investigation.

Bad enough for you yet? Add this in.
Of that total, the Army accounted for 168, surpassing its high last year of 165

53 sailors took their own lives, one more than last year.

The Air Force and Marine Corps are only a few deaths from record numbers. Fifty-six airmen had committed suicide as of Nov. 11, short of the 60 in 2010.

There have been 46 suicides among Marines, whose worst year was 2009 with 52.

Now let's talk about 18 veterans committing suicide each day. Getting the message yet? While you digest all that, remember, December numbers won't be released until next month. Then there are hundreds more of survivors after they attempted suicides and the over 30,000 saves the Suicide Prevention program claims they saved.

I'll keep posting reports like this and keep hoping that one day some reporter realizes that just because they hear something today, doesn't mean it wasn't happening yesterday.