Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paperwork to have these assault weapons still deadly

Paperwork to have these assault weapons still deadly
by Kathie Costos
Wounded Times
December 16, 2012

On Friday, moments after the reports started to come out about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I posted Shooting reported at Connecticut elementary school The CNN report was from 11:19 and it was posted at 11:24. Like most Americans I was glued to the reports coming out because I couldn't make any sense out of this. I kept waiting to hear the reason behind something like this. This is Sunday and there has still been no explanation for it. The reason may never be known and that really hurts because of all the people killed by this one person.

I read how the Mom of the shooter collected the guns he used and purchased them legally but then I read nonsense about how she was a "responsible" gun owner. While she did have all the paperwork to have these assault weapons, she could not have been a responsible person considering she was also living with her adult son with some sort of mental illness. Mentally ill people do not suddenly "snap" and this shooter didn't either. He used his own Mom's guns to kill her and then went to the school to kill more topped off with shooters rifle was rigged to reload quickly.

The Medical Examiner said the children were shot multiple times and by the accounts of the time it took to do this, it was only within minutes from the time the 911 calls were made and officers responded.

Some say she had the weapons for protection but if she had only one handgun locked up then maybe this all could have been prevented. How many guns can a person use at the same time? The shooter used the Bushmaster rifle on the kids and teachers more than the handguns he brought into the school.

Since Friday people have been defending the rights of gun owners against calls for action to prevent mass murders. Maybe the fact this was a school filled with very young children will cause people to wonder about automatic weapons. To this day I still have not heard a single, solid defense regarding the necessity of having an automatic weapon although I do defend the right for people to own regular guns and hunting weapons. As confusing as it gets, even normal gun rights advocates will be sickened by this comment tweeted by an Evangelical talk host.
The most unhinged reactions to the shooting
Conservatives are adamant about not "politicizing" the tragedy. Perhaps they should look at their Twitter feeds
DEC 14, 2012

Evangelical radio host Bryan Fischer had a similar, if far loonier, message. “Here’s the bottom line — God is not going to go where He is not wanted,” he said on his radio show today. “We kicked God out of our public school system. I think God would say to us, hey, I would be glad to protect your children, but you gotta invite me back into your world first. I’m not going to go where I’m not wanted. I am a gentleman… Back when we had prayer, the Bible and the Ten Commandments in schools, we did not need guns.”

This person actually must believe that the killing of these tiny children and heroic teachers was because God's feelings were hurt without ever once noticing how many times it was shown God was there on Friday when teachers risked their lives to save the children and when first responders rushed in not knowing what they were facing. He must actually believe God would defend assault weapons no matter how they are used because "responsible" gun owners want to have them no matter how others use them.

I have no problem with my friends owning guns, since most of them do. They have all different kinds of handguns so even if I don't understand their need I can respect it because I respect them. If you think about the number of guns in this country at 300 million, it is easy to acknowledge how few times something like this has happened but all of us also have to acknowledge that the shooters were all unstable and still able to get their hands on assault weapons.

Isn't it time to talk about what real responsibility is?

Huckabee jumped in on this one too!