Friday, December 28, 2012

Sadness in success of Veterans suicide prevention hotline

First read this.
Suicide Hotline Fights To Keep Vets And Troops Alive
December 28, 2012
At a suicide prevention center in upstate New York, America's troops and veterans are calling in for help.

And that help is needed more than ever. This past year witnessed a terrible death toll from suicide. For the first time in a decade of war, more active-duty troops have taken their own lives this year than have died fighting in Afghanistan.

According to The Military Suicide Report, a blog that follows news on military suicides, 321 active-duty troops killed themselves this year. The U.S. death toll in Afghanistan this year currently stands at 309.

The suicide hotline is just one way to help them. read more here

Now read this.

Mullane says the Veterans Crisis Line has done 30,000 successful interventions across the country since 2007. But they can't save everyone. Sometimes veterans call only to say goodbye or to let the authorities know where to find their bodies, so their family won't have to.

Those are the parts we need to pay attention to. For all the "charities" out there claiming to be taking care of these veterans, all the "mental health professionals" claiming they are helping them, all the money the congress has spent and the DOD spent along with the VA on "programs" that claim to be working, the suicide prevention hotline still had to save 30,000 veterans and they are still committing suicide along with active duty servicemen and women. That has to be the saddest part of all.

Have reporters lost their ability to ask questions? Why isn't anyone being held accountable for any of this?

Yesterday I received an email from a Mom telling me about her son. God must have been watching over him. He's an Iraq veteran and left a suicide note. I cannot go into details but by the time we talked on the phone everything worked the way it was supposed to and he is getting the help he has needed all along. It could have ended much differently and today his Mom could have been planing a funeral instead of how to travel to see her son in the hospital.

I don't know about you but I've been complaining about all of this so long that even a story trying to focus on positive things being done, I read between the lines in total disbelief.