Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wounded Florida veteran react to Psy's anti-American comments

Veterans from Tampa area react to Psy's anti-American comments
By The Tampa Tribune
Published: December 08, 2012

Iraq War veterans living in the Tampa Bay area had some choice words for South Korean rapper Psy, after Anti-American comments he made in 2004 recently surfaced.

Psy, who is scheduled to perform at the University Mall this afternoon, issued a lengthy apology for the 2004 performance where he protested the Iraq War by singing about killing "Yankees." In a separate performance he smashed a model of a U.S. tank on stage.

The apology was not enough for some local vets.

"He is a very sick man and so twisted," said Army Sgt. Joel Tavera, severely wounded while serving in Iraq. "How things could be twisted like that? But I'll pray for him and his situation."

Tavera, who lives in Tampa, was blinded, burned and suffered massive head injuries on March 12, 2008, when a rocket hit his armored Chevy Suburban inside Tallil Air Base, about 12 1/2 miles southeast of An Nasiriya, Iraq.
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