Sunday, January 6, 2013

92-Year-Old Florida Veteran, Arrested Again For Violent Attack

Joe Hogan, 92-Year-Old Florida Veteran, Arrested Again For Violent Attack
Sun Sentinel
By Ihosvani Rodriguez
Posted: 01/05/2013

A 92-year-old war veteran is incarcerated for the third time since 2011 for allegedly setting off a violent attack against others, this time his 70-year-old wife.

Joseph Hogan on Friday remained in a Broward County Jail's medical facility after he was arrested on Thursday for allegedly pushing his 70-year-old wife to the ground and shoving her face against the concrete floor outside the couple's home in Hollywood, according to court officials.

He is facing one count of battery on a person older than 65.

Hogan's public defender, W. Dale Miller, said Thursday's incident is the latest in an ongoing saga of a 92-year-old man who appears to be in need of help over his increasingly violent behavior and deteriorating mental health.

Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley called the case "unique" and appeared perplexed during a bond court hearing on how to handle the jailing of a man in his 90s who may be suffering from dementia.

"The court is not inclined or comfortable jailing a 92-year-old man," Hurley said. "At the same time, this 92-year-old man now has two felony cases, and I feel that at least in the short term, it seems he's becoming more violent."
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