Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Florida PTSD veteran in hospital after VA tries to collect

Family says First Coast veteran's mental illness is service connected, Veterans Affairs says it is not
First Coast News
Jan 29, 2013
Ken Amaro
"It has been very hard and currently Jamie is in the hospital because of major depression and the stresses," said Heather Levesque.

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Heather Levesque has been Jamie Levesque's wife, friend and companion for years and now she is fighting for his military benefits.

"We got a letter on January 22 that said in a month we are going to lose our benefits," she said.

Jamie Levesque receives $1,000 a month in disability income.

Veterans Affairs is threatening to withhold it for a year to reimburse Uncle Sam for what was given to Levesque in 2008.

"We will lose our home because this is the only income that Jamie has," said Heather. "He has been unemployed for approximately two years."

In 2008, Levesque was given an honorable discharge and was paid $19,000, before taxes, as a separation benefit.

"Now the military says you owe us the money," said his wife.
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