Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fort Hood Victory Corner revisited

Victory Corner revisited
Dec 31, 2012
Rose L Thayer
Herald staff writer

The history of Victory Corner can best be described by the inscription on the monument there: “At this site during all hours of the day and night, people cheered and proudly waved flags and banners as over 26,000 soldiers passed by on their way home to their waiting units and to their loved ones.”

Photos of the dusty U.S. Highway 190 and Clarke Road intersection from the spring of 1991 — just after the Gulf War ended — depict cars lining the street and people standing and waving American flags. In one, a man riding a horse can be seen in the background and on the hill is a van, broadcasting each plane’s landing as if it were a hometown football game.

Always present were wooden cutouts of Uncle Sam and a camel named Clyde. A sign read, “Hope this is the last camel you see.”
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