Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friends take to ice to honor Marine killed in accident

In memory of Devan Krausch
Friends take to ice to honor Marine
By Amy Renee Leiker
The Wichita Eagle

Dressed in her late fiance’s blue and black hockey jersey, Andi Valcoure caressed her rounded belly and smiled.

The baby she carries — a boy due in May to be named Bentley Michael — had just kicked.

Bentley’s been active for the past several days, Valcoure, 21, explained. She felt the first movements an hour after the phone call came that Devan Krausch had died.

“It’s a sign from Devan,” she said, tears welling in her eyes.

“He would’ve been a really good dad.”

In a show of support for the young fiancee and unborn child of Marine Lance Cpl. Devan Krausch, 22, hundreds of hockey players and spectators gathered Saturday at Wichita Ice Center for a memorial and drop-in hockey game.

Devan’s mother, Kim Krausch, said the event started as a small gathering between a few of her son’s buddies, who planned to “knock the puck around” in honor of their hockey teammate, one of two military servicemen who died Dec. 27 after a single-car accident in west Wichita.
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