Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oregon State safety's Mom serving in Afghanistan

With his mom in Afghanistan, Oregon State safety Tyrequek Zimmerman shoulders heavy load
By Lindsay Schnell
The Oregonian
December 28, 2012

SAN ANTONIO -- Tyrequek Zimmerman understands it's his job as a big brother to keep an eye on his younger siblings, but the 20-year-old Oregon State safety quietly shoulders more than most college football players.

When he sensed that Wykeyhe Walker was down on Christmas Day, Zimmerman insisted his little brother visit the Beavers' team hotel. When Walker arrived, Zimmerman pressed some money into the 18-year-old's hand, told him to go shopping to cheer up and then to return after team meetings so they could hang out.

Zimmerman, a starter for the No. 15 Beavers, and Walker, a junior college player in Texas, both struggled with being away from family during the holiday. But as the oldest child, Zimmerman buries the pain of missing his mom so he can put on a brave face for his siblings.

He's done it before, but when their mother, Army Sgt. Lovier Miller, deployed from El Paso to Afghanistan on Nov. 30, Zimmerman knew it was time to step up again. In addition to her two sons, Miller left behind a daughter, 10-year-old Yasmine.
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