Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The long nightmare of the 112th Congress ends today

The long nightmare of the 112th Congress ends today
by Kathie Costos
Wounded Times Blog
January 2, 2013

If you want proof of how much mid term elections matter, this is it. This is what we got when average people didn't show up to vote. All of this can be tracked back to this 8 second announcement from Senator Mitch McConnell. "Our top priority is to deny President Obama a second term."

While some may have thought that was a great idea, they didn't bother to consider what it would cost them in terms of real life.

Those words meant the country had to suffer in order to make the President fail. Nothing was done. No budgets other than emergency ones, the list of sufferings is very long and ended the two year nightmare of our suffering last night. Not with the deal congress finally managed to get done or the fact McConnell was a huge part of it, but as of tomorrow, a new congress comes in. The long nightmare of this congress is over!
112th Congress legacy: Unfinished business

"The members of the 112th Congress just hope they don’t get sworn at."
The 112th Congress came in with a bang, but it is crawling out with the soft whimper of failure.

For two years, President Barack Obama and Congress ignored virtually every other pressing matter to engage in an ideological war over the size of government and who should foot the bill for it.

They racked up more processes than policies: a blue-ribbon White House commission, Vice President Joe Biden’s working group, bilateral talks between Obama and Speaker John Boehner, a “supercommittee,” a “Gang of Six” that became a “Gang of Eight” and, finally, Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) coming to a deal that leaves open as many politically thorny issues as it solves.

They didn’t even hit their deadline. The Senate voted two hours past the zero mark of midnight on New Year’s morning, and House Republicans spent most of Tuesday wrangling with each other over whether and how to move forward — with a final late-night vote that passed the Senate bill on the strength of a majority of House Democrats and a minority of House Republicans. Their uncertainty was a stark reminder of how fractious the House majority has been over the past two years. After all, the bill had just passed the Senate with all but five Republicans supporting it.
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The article from Politico points out all the massive failures this congress still managed to get paychecks for. The average people I talk to are very patriotic because they are either military families or care about them.
"The members of the 112th Congress just hope they don’t get sworn at."
Too late for that because while they were playing political games trying to take President Obama down, that is exactly what we've been doing.

We have been watching this country fall apart but we've also been watching families fall apart while congress just kept spending money, holding hearings, pretending they really cared about the military suicides and attempted suicides. This wasn't just about the active duty forces, but National Guards, Reservists and yes, veterans.

The most disgraceful thing of all is these men and women were will to die for the sake of others yet the 112th congress was not willing to work together to save their lives. Political games in Washington is nothing new, but they've been playing politics instead of holding people accountable for the failures in the DOD and the VA. When they kept funding the same programs that failed, we should have been asking who was being protected against the results.

They got away with all the "preventative" steps to make the armed forces "resilient" and prevent PTSD when the reality is, they just prevented and prolonged healing. They were not help accountable but everything the troops did, they were held accountable for. Discharged for drinking and being overweight but no one was held accountable for what was the cause of these things. PTSD has a lot to do with both in too many cases. If you read this blog then you know how much they have all suffered.

When will people ever learn that all elections matter and holding them accountable for what they do afterwards should matter even more?