Monday, January 7, 2013

Vietnam Veteran's new mission to heal others

Vietnam veteran pastor signs on for another fight
His mission: To help military families find a road back from war
Jan 6, 2013
Written by
Philip Grey

CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — Pastor David Wesner began the interview with a straight admission; “Anyone who knew me back in the day would never imagine this is where I’d be.”

“This” is his associate pastor’s office at Faith Outreach Church, and he sums up the trip that led him to this place as a “very odd journey,” without a distinct start point, but with a very definite destination. And, having arrived at his calling, he is unafraid and unashamed to credit God with saving his sanity, marriage and life.

Seeing today’s soldiers and military families enduring much of what he is painfully familiar with, which is suffering from both the receiving and giving end, the Vietnam veteran says he is determined to do whatever he can for those who are still fighting a war within.

As he finds himself now on the front line of an effort linking local ministries and the chaplains of Fort Campbell into a united force, waging their own war against despair and disconnectedness in their combined communities, he explained how his own battles helped to prepare him to fight for others.
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