Sunday, February 10, 2013

Corporal Robert Archer laid to rest after 60 years

Soldier’s Funeral Held 60 Years After His Death
Posted February 9, 2013

Sixty-three years after Cpl. Robert Archer went missing during the Korean War, he was finally laid to rest in Brazil, Ind.

Veterans, family and townspeople packed the funeral service on Saturday for the soldier, whose remains the military recently located and returned to Indiana.

Archer was just 19 when he was captured by Chinese soldiers, just a few months after joining the Army. He later died, most likely of malnutrition, while in captivity. The military contacted Archer’s family in December, telling them they had found his remains and verified them through DNA tests.

Mourners at French’s Funeral Home heard “Amazing Grace” and “God Bless America” as well as a brief sermon that recounted Archer’s bravery and service to his country. Veterans placed medals, including some bestowed by the Korean government, on the casket.

The funeral procession that followed moved down National Avenue on its way to the cemetery, with onlookers lining the streets as the cars passed.
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