Monday, February 25, 2013

Why isn't Congress holding anyone accountable for Military Suicides?

I was just reading the Military Times Forum PTSD and Suicide Thread because of this.
This past weekend I lost a friend to suicide. She was a combat medic with the Army. She was "treated" by the Army for PTSD. Their treatment consisted of restricting her to base, having her check in daily with her supervisor, and meds. Then as soon as her time was up; she got out. She tried to get follow up treatment through the VA and had a rough time.

It all seems so senseless to me. When are they going to figure it out and get these people the help they really need.
Response after response had the same message. The leadership has failed.

Confining them is not healing them. Giving them medications do not healing them, they numb them. There are too many experts in this country stomping their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs the facts prove what they are doing does not work! When suicides go up and calls to the Suicide Prevention Hotline go up, that proves the "prevention" programs the DOD put in place are doing more harm than good.
Your friend was failed on many levels. Unfortunately there are many stories like hers. A buddy of mine ended up taking hostages at the hospital on Ft Stewart before they finally took him seriously. Yes, he got prison time, but hes also finally getting the help he needs. Whats funny, is the a key witness for the defense was a doc that was a hostage. The doc vowed to get him the help he needs.

Your friend needed help and the "military family" failed again. It will continue to fail because its not pretty so commanders wont talk about it, and the VA will just push it aside.
Why is all of this still going on? Because Congress does not understand it, has not taken the time to learn, Congressional Aids have failed their bosses and too many people are making way too much money for doing the damage.

There I said it. When there is a government spending, there is someone on the other end making money. Congress gives out millions a year to fund programs in the military and in the civilian world that are supposed to be saving lives and helping these veterans heal. What all the money did was push programs that didn't have a chance in hell of working but were well funded.

Congress has the responsibility of controlling the money of this country and they also have a duty to make sure the money is well spent.

So where are the hearings? Where are the sworn testimonies given by the people who are supposed to be taking care of the troops and veterans? Who has been held accountable? Who has been fined? What contract has been canceled? Who has been fired? Who has been demoted?

The biggest question is, if the American people really do support the troops and love our veterans, then why in the hell aren't they demanding Congress takes action?