Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coast Guard Suspends Tuition Assistance

Coast Guard Suspends Tuition Assistance
Mar 11, 2013
by Richard Sisk

The Coast Guard has joined the Army and the Marine Corps in suspending new enrollments for the popular tuition assistance programs to meet the cost-cutting demands of the sequestration process, Coast Guard officials said Monday.

The order to suspend new enrollments was circulated internally over the weekend in the Coast Guard and has yet to be announced formally, but the Coast Guard has now ceased accepting applications for tuition assistance, said Lt. Paul Rhynard, a Coast Guard spokesman.

The Coast Guard, part of the Homeland Security Department, has 42,000 active duty personnel and 8,200 reservists, but Coast Guard officials could not immediately provide information on how many personnel currently take advantage of the continuing education assistance or the annual costs.
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Air Force joins Army, Marines in cutting tuition assistance
The Air Force has been providing $250 per semester credit hour and up to $4,500 a year to airmen pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.