Monday, March 25, 2013

Congress called on VA head to resign

If you read this you may think it is about what is going on today, Congress calls for VA head to resign, but you will be surprised to learn that it happened in 2008 over this,

By 2008 another $2.7 million was handed over to a contractor to make phone calls. Yep~phone calls!

570,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to be called to find out why they hadn’t gone to the VA.

“The first calls will go to about 17,000 veterans who were sick or injured while serving in the wars. If they don’t have a care manager, the VA says they will be given one.

The next round of calls will target 555,000 veterans from the wars who have been discharged from active duty, but have not reached out to the VA for services. For five years after their discharge from the military, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have access to health care at the VA.

The effort will cost about $2.7 million and will be handled by a government contractor.

The agency has faced complaints that a backlog in claims and bureaucratic hurdles have prevented some recent veterans from getting proper mental and physical care. Earlier this week, two Democratic senators accused the VA’s top mental health official of trying to cover up the number of veteran suicides and said he should resign.” (VA to call Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Associated Press, April 24, 2008)
That is part of what is in THE WARRIOR SAW, SUICIDES AFTER WAR.