Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DAV responds to Sen. Diane Feinstein over guns and PTSD

BRAVO DAV! For a Senator to think PTSD is "new" shows how little she knows about PTSD. Ask any Vietnam veteran and not only will they tell you about it, they'll also explain how many of them managed to have it and their guns all these years. There is no easy fix to this and they need to stop treating PTSD veterans like criminals.
Vet Group Responds to Proposed PTSD Gun Limits
Mar 12, 2013
by Bryant Jordan

The Disabled American Veterans has written a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., because of a recent statement she made that post-traumatic stress disorder "is a new phenomenon" and should be a factor in whether a veteran is allowed to own a gun.

In a nearly 900-word letter DAV Executive Director Barry A. Jesinoski said Feinstein’s comments are not accurate and only perpetuate a popular falsehood linking PTSD and violence.

"We ask that you clarify your statement to reassure people that you hold no such bias toward veterans or military service members," he said.

A DAV spokesman said the organization is not weighing in on Feinstein’s proposed assault-weapons legislation, but trying to correct misinformation.
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Anyway, struggling to find the right words I can print on this for a public blog.

They seem to think if they take guns away from PTSD veterans it will cut down on suicides. Well, it didn't and they tried that back when they passed the Joshua Omvig Suicide Prevention Act. The means is not the issue. The reason they commit suicide is. As for being a danger to society, again that is false. It isn't the veterans out there committing mass murders. Considering how many veterans we have in this country and how many have PTSD, Feinstein should have know this BEFORE SHE CAME OUT WITH AN OPINION BASED ON KNOWING NOTHING ABOUT IT!
Here's the update on this
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