Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fighting PTSD And Bolstering Troop Morale with video care packges

Call of Duty to fight PTSD? I don't think so!
Operation: Supply Drop: Fighting PTSD And Bolstering Troop Morale, One Video Game Care Package At A Time
Michael Venables, Contributor
March 1, 2013

My Forbes colleague, John Gaudiosi, recently wrote an excellent post on the Matheson bill introduced Jan. 15 in the House. H.R. 287 proposes to make it unlawful to sell or rent violent or Mature-rated video games to minors, making it punishable by a fine of up to $5,000. With the culture war over video games evident in full force, it’s a distinct pleasure to highlight the inspiring story of Operation Supply Drop’s Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga. Now retired from active military service, Machuga is a former airborne Army Ranger who created Front Towards Gamer, a site that provides video game reviews, editorials, geek content and the Claymore Podcast Network. Operation Supply Drop is the charity wing of the site, a military-themed charity organization that raises money to build video game care packages for soldiers deployed to high-threat provinces in Afghanistan and hospitalized veterans in Army hospitals in the U.S. Machuga got the nickname “Shanghai Six” after having been “stop-lossed” in the Army following 9/11. Originally only supposed to do four years in the Army, he ended up doing a total of eight years instead, thus the “Shanghai-ed” moniker. The “Six” is used in military radio chatter to designate the unit’s leader. In two and a half years, Operation Supply Drop has raised over $150,000 in support of getting video games and gear to troops deployed overseas to combat zones.
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