Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forum at HVCC attempts to combat military suicide

Reminder, the numbers are wrong. As sad as it is to hear 349 servicemen and women have committed suicide and brought the "highest suicide" banner, the numbers are wrong but the media has not corrected the story and families feel even more betrayed.

They have heard excuses for far too long. They have seen far too much money spent on programs that do not work. They are wondering if anyone really gives a damn about saving the lives of servicemen and women or not.
Forum at HVCC attempts to combat military suicide
Posted at: 03/11/2013
By: Ben Gorenstein

TROY - They put their lives on the line for our country, and as members of the military return from combat - they're finding they're increasingly at war with themselves.

The suicide rate within the military is rising at an alarming pace.

So the mission at a town hall forum at HVCC was the message of hope and help for service members and their families.

Major General Mark Graham spent 35 years in the US Army. Now six months into retirement - keeping the memory of his two sons alive is arguably his most important mission

They died fighting two very different battles. Jeff was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Kevin took his own life.

“We didn't know how serious it was - I frankly didn't know you could die by being too sad,” he says.

As they travel the country sharing their family's story, Graham and his wife don't like to dwell on statistics. But the numbers can't be ignored.

Since 2001, the suicide rate among active members of the army has been steadily on the rise.

With a record number 349 military service members taking their own lives last year.
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