Sunday, March 10, 2013

Iraq veteran shot by police died in New Orleans Hospital

St. Tammany deputies fatally shoot Iraqi war veteran during armed confrontation
The Times-Picayune
on March 09, 2013

St. Tammany Parish sheriff's deputies fatally shot an Iraqi war veteran Friday night after he allegedly ignored their command to drop his gun during a domestic disturbance, St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain said in a news release. Jason Glover, 32, of Abita Springs died Saturday morning, Strain said.

The deputies were called out to Glover's residence at 28260 Louisiana 435 about 11 p.m. Glover's girlfriend had called 911 and reported that Glover had threatened to kill her and that he was armed with a handgun, Strain said. When deputies arrived at the house, they found the 32-year-old sitting in his car outside the house.

As Glover got out of the car, deputies saw he had a handgun. He allegedly ignored their repeated calls to drop his gun.

Glover instead raised the gun and pointed it directly at one of the deputies, Strain said. The deputy fired at Glover, striking him twice.

Glover was transported to the Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans, where he was reported to be on life support Friday night but died Saturday.

"This is truly a tragic situation," Strain said. "Since his return from Iraq, this young man has struggled greatly to adjust and to recover from his experience. Sadly, he and his family were ultimately unable to find the help he truly needed. Today, the thoughts and prayers of the Sheriff's Office go out to this family during their very difficult time."
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Iraq war veteran's death raises issue of post-traumatic stress
By Naomi Martin,
The Times-Picayune
on March 09, 2013

Probably no one will ever know what thoughts were going through Iraqi war veteran Jason Glover’s head when he allegedly pointed a handgun at a St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s deputy Friday night. Fearing for his life, the deputy shot and killed Glover.

Hearing of the incident on Saturday, however, several military veterans said they suspect Glover knew what he was doing.

“He wanted to do it, but he didn’t want to pull the trigger himself,” said Andrew O’Brien, a 24-year-old Iraqi war veteran who attempted suicide two years ago by swallowing a bottle of pills. “Thank God I didn’t have a gun or I would’ve done that.”

After returning from Iraq, Glover had struggled “greatly” to reintegrate into civilian society, St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain said in a statement. “Sadly, he and his family were ultimately unable to find the help he truly needed.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder, whether diagnosed or not, is common among military veterans. An average of 22 veterans -- and one active-duty soldier — take their own lives each day, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
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