Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PTSD and military sexual assault survivors say thanks for noticing finally

PTSD and military sexual assault survivors say thanks for noticing finally
by Kathie Costos
Wounded Times Blog
March 13, 2013

Sen. Dianne Feinstein said that post-traumatic stress disorder "is a new phenomenon" and should be a factor in whether a veteran is allowed to own a gun. New? How could she ever think it was new when she was in the Senate when the Joshua Omvig Suicide Prevention Act was passed and signed by President Bush in November of 2007? She's been there since 1992! Any idea how many Bills congress has passed on PTSD? How could she say it was new?

It may be "new" to her but as a matter of fact people have been working on PTSD for over 40 years.

Hardball with Chris Matthews talks about rape in the military.

He did a fine job but again, acted as if this is all new. None of it is new and he would have known that if he had been paying attention to it.

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The problems we see today are because people don't pay attention and the other people who are supposed to be paying attention to get the rest of the population to pay attention aren't doing their jobs. NONE OF THIS IS NEW even though they pretend it is news to them.

The real phenomenon is how can these people not accept responsibility for what has happened while they refused to pay attention to what has been happening for years?

Military suicides, attempted suicides and veterans committing suicide are all being reported wrong and no one seems to care. They just repeat numbers as if no one has ever paid any attention to any of this or invested hundreds of millions of dollars leading to this FUBAR outcome.

Thomas Jefferson understood the importance of a free press but over the last decade the press has taken a free pass instead. None of them are held accountable and no one in congress has been holding anyone accountable so we are left with scraps of soundbites meant to leave us with the impression they give a shit.

Am I glad they are finally talking about the things we do pay attention to? You bet I am but I am also paying attention to the news reports coming out from across the country the big shots in media and government have failed. It is all too little, too late but I guess all the veterans who have suffered all these years should be grateful that someone finally noticed them.