Sunday, March 24, 2013

Son's simple request prevented Dad's suicide

Stu Cowan: Son asking “Will you play hockey with me?” saved soldier’s life
Suffered at least nine concussions in military action and hockey
By Stu Cowan, Gazette sports editor
March 23, 2013

MONTREAL — Shane Oliver can relate to National Hockey League players who are recovering from concussions — he’s had at least nine of them.

Oliver, 41, is a retired Canadian Infantry sergeant. Three of his concussions were a result of being a soldier and the others came from playing hockey with army teams.

In 1993, Oliver spent six months fighting in Croatia — which he describes as “the most undesirable place on earth” — where he witnessed death and destruction. His battle experiences led to post-traumatic stress disorder.
“I can’t believe I’m thinking this ... is this it?” he recalled. “I can’t take it anymore. This is what brain damage can do to you ... you don’t make sense. You make uncontrollable ... you do things that you just normally wouldn’t do, and I’m thinking that’s it.

“I wasn’t thinking about anybody else ... the pain was just so hard.”
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