Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vietnam Veteran honored for quiet work with PTSD veterans

Veteran brought to tears after honoring friend with PTSD
by Ryan Wolf
Posted: 03.14.2013

Tony Garcia is a Vietnam veteran who has full blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is commonly known as PTSD.

But the retired Air Force man doesn't let his disability stop him from making sure other vets who suffer from the same condition get the help they need.

His work is what a fellow veteran wants to recognize on Pay it 4Ward.

A fake veteran’s group meeting is set up with Tony as part of the surprise.

Tony thinks he's been called to the meeting to discuss upcoming plans.

He's in for a big surprise.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf walks into the room.

"I'm looking for a guy named Tony," Ryan said.

"Oh God!" Tony said. "What did I do?"

What he did is nothing less than extraordinary.

This real American hero truly leaves no man behind.

Tony uses his own time to speak to fellow vets about V.A. Benefits and clinic issues as well the help available for PTSD.

In the span of a year, he's turned a support group of just 2 into 26 where he uses his own money for veterans to regularly meet.
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