Friday, May 10, 2013

93% of financial advisers had PTSD after 2008?

This is a very odd day for Wounded Times. Two stories on PTSD and Wall Street but I have to admit when I read the headline on this one, I thought it was a joke.
93% of financial advisers had PTSD after 2008
Study finds emotional fallout had lasting impact on decision making
Wall Street Journal
May 09, 2013
Quentin Fottrell

Financial advisers were shellshocked in the months and perhaps years following the 2008 financial crisis. Many couldn’t sleep, they suffered bouts of anxiety and depression and self-doubt. In fact, according to just-published academic research: some 93% of advisers and planners surveyed wrestled with post-traumatic stress disorder. And many are still reeling from the effects.

Nearly every single financial professional interviewed as part of the research reported medium to high levels of post-traumatic stress, according to the study published in the Journal of Financial Therapy. The survey — “Financial Trauma: Why the Abandonment of Buy-and-Hold in Favor of Tactical Asset Management May be a Symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress” — found that another 40% of planners reported severe symptoms. The respondents managed assets with an average value of between $20 million and $40 million.
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Maybe that is why they do actually seem to understand what the troops are going through.

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