Friday, May 10, 2013

"Heroes" Rebuild Vietnam Vet's Sandy Wrecked Home

"Heroes" Rebuild Vietnam Vet's Sandy Wrecked Home
By: Vivian Lee

The Heroes at Home Campaign and Rebuilding Together NYC are repairing homes in Brooklyn damaged by Hurricane Sandy, all with the goal to make them and accessible for those living there.

Sawing wood is music to Vietnam veteran Michael Chirieleison's ears which, six months ago, were ringing with the sound of water rushing into his Red Hook house.

"I saw the waves going down, there had to be five foot of water in the street," Chirieleison recalled.

On Friday, a work crew was making his house liveable again. The materials and labor are thanks to Heroes at Home.

The program was hatched by Sears and the non-profit home repair group Rebuilding Together NYC to serve those who have already served.

"We identify veterans in need across the country who need home repairs, home upgrades, they've fallen on hard times, show a need. We go in there, make their homes warm, safe, accessible," said Brian Hanover of Sears' Heroes at Home.
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