Friday, May 10, 2013

Silver Star Marine was not good enough for Delta

Wounded Silver Star Marine had unfortunate experience on domestic flight
MAY 9TH, 2013
Military Times Battle Rattle

A wounded warrior who was awarded the nation’s third highest honor for valor last week is the same injured Marine Delta Airlines issued a public apology to in December after staff members embarrassed him on a flight.

Cpl. Christian Brown, a former squad leader with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, was awarded the Silver Star aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., on Friday. He is credited with heroic actions during the unit’s 2011 deployment to Afghanistan.

Cpl. Christian Brown, a double amputee who sustained injuries in Afghanistan, was awarded the Silver Star on May 3 aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., for heroic actions during a 2011 deployment. In December, Delta Airlines issued a public apology to the Marine after humiliating him during a flight.

On Dec. 7, Brown responded when a designated marksman was critically wounded in the head, calling in a medevac and leading his squad to where it was safe for the helicopter to land. Under heavy fire, he carried the wounded Marine on his back the final 300 meters to the landing zone, his citation states.

Brown said the morale of his young, inexperienced team members and the life of the wounded Marine, Lance Cpl. Christopher Levy, depended on him staying cool and thinking fast. Levy died of his wounds a few days later in Germany. But Brown’s actions allowed Levy’s parents to see him one last time.
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