Monday, May 6, 2013

You can heal combat PTSD if you don't give up

The news reports say that while there are 22 veterans a day committing suicide, the truth is, we will never really know for sure how many. Too many unanswered questions. The only thing we can be sure of is they run out of hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

The other news reports say that the largest percentage of veterans committing suicide are Vietnam veterans.

While this video is for all of you it is especially true for Vietnam veterans. You have lived longer and carried your burden this long when most of you didn't know what PTSD was. There is help out there and hope of having a better life.

You need to take care of all of you, your mind, your body and especially your spirit. Learn how to forgive and find forgiveness so that you can do what you do best. Help others heal too.