Monday, June 10, 2013

Harmful video masquerading as news on Military Suicides

Suicides w/Military Climb Far Higher Than Reported (Stunning Video) on Before Its News showed up this morning in my email. I figured it would be interesting, at least having something in it that I had not read any place else. Well I was right but not in a good way.

The video on it that was supposed to be "stunning" was nothing more than anti-military saying they should "refuse" to "pull the trigger, you don't have to go."

There was nothing in this video that even comes close to understanding the men and women serving in the military. Clearly the reason they serve cannot penetrate the brain of this man spouting off thoughts.
This is the comment I left.
Do you have a clue what the hell you're talking about? Do you have one single clue why they join the military? Do you know how harmful this is masquerading as something that is supposed to be helpful to them? Do you even acknowledge the fact that most suicides happen when they are all back home and how they have put the lives of others ahead of their own? Do you even know why they commit suicide? This is pathetic!
Keep in mind that I have left very few comments on videos I've watched that are negative.

You don't have to listen to this idiot and I would have ignored it but it just went on YouTube yesterday and already has over 200 views. After all with a title like this "Military Suicides Increase at Alrarming Rate -DON'T DO IT!" it gives the impression this moron gives a damn when it fact he is just one more of the "blame the veteran" gang of anti-military jerks spouting hate while telling veterans to not pull the trigger.

There is nothing new on this article or this video so unless you want to hear someone blame veterans for going and doing what was asked of them, don't watch it no matter how many times you get it in your email.