Friday, June 21, 2013

Utah soldier receives Bronze Star after two tours and 9 IEDs

Soldier is awarded the Bronze Star in tearful ceremony after being hit NINE times by IEDs
Joshua Hansen, 42, was left with brain damage by the last IED explosion he experienced Hansen, a father of two, served two tours in Iraq
During his second deployment, he was the team leader for a platoon that cleared roads of bombs
19 June 2013

A Utah soldier has been awarded the fifth-highest combat medal six years after he was hit by a bomb in Iraq that left him with permanent brain damage and unable to return to war.

Joshua Hansen, a 42-year-old father of two, was hit a total of nine times by improvised explosive devices during his two deployments to Iraq, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

It was the ninth hit, which happened on March 15, 2007, that knocked him out of the service.

Deidre Hanse wipes away a tear after pinning the Bronze Star on the chest of her son Sgt. Joshua Hansen

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