Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another research project trying to connect PTSD and TBI

How much more money will they spend on trying to connect PTSD and TBI? The only thing they are connected to is the event itself.

50 years ago they didn't know much about what breaking your head can do. I know because it happened to me. Back then they didn't know a lot about what we now call Traumatic Brain Injury when my scull was cracked. It is one thing to have an accident (I've had many of those) and another to have it caused by the actions of someone else. I was pushed off a very high slide by another kid. I went head first onto concrete. My scull was not the only thing harmed by this. My brain was too. I do not have PTSD, which is a totally different wound to the mind. PTSD is caused by having your life in danger. One thing I know a lot about even though I have never served in the military. One is not connected to the other but they are connected to what happened.

Why are they still trying to put both together? Why are they spending so much money doing research that has already been done and did not find what they hoped to produce? They would be better off actually trying to come up with better healing for both wounds since what they have been doing has not worked.
Vietnam vets wanted for research study
1 hour ago

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for Wisconsin Vietnam veterans for a study on the possible connections between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, is being conducted at approximately 20 research sites across the U.S., including the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at UW-Madison.

The study calls for four groups of Vietnam veterans: those with TBI, those with PTSD, those with combined TBI/PTSD and a control group that has neither TBI nor PTSD. Any participant needs to be free of significant memory problems before starting the study.
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