Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Department of Defense speaker for Vietnam War stole valor again

Critics: Former DoD Speaker 'Salted' War Record
by Bryant Jordan
Jul 17, 2013

Vietnam veterans and family members, as well as families of those who never returned from the war, gathered May 18 in Branson, Mo., to recall their service and honor the fallen as part of an official observance of the Vietnam War.

As the master of ceremonies introduced keynote speaker John Mohler -- Vietnam combat vet, successful business consultant and official representative of the Defense Department’s Vietnam War Commemoration -- Mary Schantag, chairwoman of POW Network, saw looks of concern and disbelief from many in the crowd.

Schantag, who also is an expert on phony war heroes, said the emcee read a portion of Mohler’s biography. “Three Silver Stars, seven Bronze Star Medals for Valor, five Army Commendation Medals for Valor, two Purple Hearts.”

“And that’s when everybody looked at me,” Schantag told “He stood up in front of Gold Star mothers who lost their sons, widows who lost their husbands, and he had the nerve to stand up there in front of them with all this. Despicable is not the word.”

After the event, Schantag began going over her notes and records. Not only did she learn Mohler had previously claimed to have the Distinguished Service Cross -- ranked just below the Medal of Honor -- and to have been a Ranger, a Green Beret and given a “battlefield promotion,” but she was shocked to find he had already been found out and reported to the Pentagon in 2006.

“Here he was back on the speakers’ circuit for DoD seven years later,” she said.

Next morning, she confronted Mohler.

“I looked him right in the face and said “I’m going to be your worst nightmare.”
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