Thursday, July 18, 2013

Government pushes resilience training after all these years and all these results?

This does not work. The proof is in the numbers. Too many still don't seek help after resilience training. Too many have attempted suicide in the military after this. Too many have succeeded at taking their own lives. Too many families are falling apart after resilience training. What does the government do? They expand it! What do reporters do? Pretend it is "new" and not part of the problem.
The War at Home
By: Neysa Wilkins
Jul 17, 2013

They're used to fighting an enemy they can see, but now they're in combat with a different type of foe.

Many veterans and active duty service members have to find a way to cope with the flashbacks and nightmares that haunt them.

The military has recognized the need to make treatment available to any veteran.

"Our active duty as well.. we're having more of them coming back from combat situations that need to have services," says Dr. Stephanie Dutton, a Clinical Director of Military Services, "the VA... they're not even able to handle that load, and this is the first time that they've said we need to have private services to be able to assist with that."

There are only 11 private facilities in the country that offer services specifically for the military, and one of them is now open in Panama City.

It's called the Resiliency Program at Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital.

"I think it's amazing to be able to offer this. We have so many bases around this community - Eglin, Tyndall, the Navy base - I think it's really needed right now especially in our times," says Megan Eustis, a social worker.
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