Thursday, July 18, 2013

How much does love matter with Combat PTSD

How much does love matter with Combat PTSD?
De-tour PTSD Survivor's Guide
Kathie Costos
July 18, 2013

This morning I was reading How much does culture matter for PTSD? on the New Yorker by David Morris. It is a good article but it makes two points that have to be understood. The first one is the most important.
But there are a growing number of psychiatrists and researchers who are challenging our understanding of P.T.S.D.—even its very nature as an ailment. Modern psychiatry, they argue, is locked into a mindset that systematically overdiagnoses P.T.S.D. without nurturing veterans’ ability to heal themselves.
That is exactly what has been understood by researchers for the last 40 years but it is also what has been understood by Point Man International Ministries. Our group started in 1984 addressing the spiritual connection to PTSD. It works. What they need to heal is already inside of them. They just need help reconnecting everything else to it.
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This is why I named the new site Survivors Guide. What you need to find to heal is what is already in yourself.