Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dr. Phil slams mentally ill again, so why is he a psychiatrist?

It wasn't bad enough when this hack attacked veterans in a show called heroes to monsters but he keeps stepping in it by slamming the very people he took an oath to help.
Mental Health America Urges Dr. Phil to Issue Retraction for Mental Illness Comments
By Mental Health America
Published: August 5, 2013

Statement of Wayne W. Lindstrom, Ph.D., president and CEO of Mental Health America:

"Mental Health America calls on syndicated talk show host Dr. Phil to issue a retraction for reckless and offensive remarks he made about individuals who live with mental illness (During his show, Dr. Phil said people who are insane 'suck on rocks and bark at the moon.')

"Comments like these, particularly from a professional psychologist, perpetuate inaccurate and harmful stereotypes that marginalize millions of Americans. These statements only produce shame and embarrassment when we should be promoting understanding. They diminish the contributions of millions of Americans and discourage individuals from seeking treatment for mental health conditions that allow them to achieve recovery and live full and productive lives.

"Dr. Phil's comments are particularly inappropriate in the light of the National Dialogue now occurring around the country, which was launched by President Obama during the White House National Conference on Mental Health and is designed to promote greater understanding and awareness about mental health.
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