Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another PTSD veteran kicked out of restaurant because of service dog

Veteran's service dog asked to leave SC restaurant
By WSPA News Staff
Posted: Sep 12, 2013

An Army Veteran says his dog was asked to leave an Upstate restaurant, something he says is illegal.

"He's definitely gotten me out of the box," says Army Veteran John Davis about his new pal Chester.

Chester and Davis were introduced in April. They've become fast friends but their relationship is beyond just play time. Chester is a service dog.

"He's been trained to watch my back," Davis says.

Davis served nearly 25 years with the Army and National Guard, most recently with Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Davis says before he met Chester he hardly left the house.

"PTSD is a monster to deal with, it totally changed me," Davis says.

That's all changed now. The pair go everywhere together but last week Davis says they were asked to leave a local restaurant. He says they were eating at Yoder's Dutch Kitchen in Abbeville when the manager approached Davis about Chester.

"The manager looked at me and said you're welcome to eat here but the dog's gotta go," Davis says.
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