Monday, September 16, 2013

Galva Family Mourns Loss of Soldier to Suicide and PTSD

Galva Family Mourns Loss of Soldier, Spreads Awareness for PTSD
ABC News 9
By Staci DaSilva
September 15, 2013

Dillion Naslund, of Galva, IA, was 25 years old when the anxiety and darkness of his Post Traumatic Stress disorder proved to be just too much.

His legacy? Spreading PTSD awareness..

Dillion was an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, a lover of life, his family and America.

"He liked anything outdoors. Hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling," remembered his mother, Lisa.

"On our Sunday Fun Days, we called them, he was our social director. We didn't know what we were doing until Dillion showed up," said his father, Jeff.

He dreamed of being a soldier his whole life and, at 17, entered basic training camp. He was deployed twice and things seemed ok, until he came back from his tour in Afghanistan.

Jeff Naslund said, "Something was affecting him, he just wasn't the same."

"There was something overwhelming, just sadness I think," said Lisa Naslund.

He did seek treatment and was on medications but months and months of darkness turned into a moment of finality for Dillion. He shot himself in the chest in his car on December 10th, 2012.

"That became the worst day of our lives," said Lisa Naslund.
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