Monday, September 16, 2013

Police officer's act of kindness stuns Iraq veteran

Officer donates to Iraq war veteran whose tires were slashed in Crystal
posted by Shelby Capacio
Posted: Sep 15, 2013

Crystal police say they've responded to several incidences of tire slashing in the past couple months, and when an Iraq war veteran became a target, one officer went beyond the call of duty to help.

The female officer, who has asked to remain anonymous, heard about what happened to Jamie Fields and decided to personally pay for one of the tires to be replaced to help the father of five.

"My kids play very hard, so they ruin their clothes a lot," Fields said. "I normally just watch 'em."

Fields said raising five daughters isn't as hard as it seems, but lately, the financial demands have been overwhelming.

"He just had a doctor's note from his psychiatrist saying they didn't want him to work," Sarah Fields told FOX 9 News.

As an Iraq war veteran diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, Fields admits he struggles with anger and aggression sometimes. He recently left his job as a pizza delivery man, and the family now survives on government support.
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